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End of Life Coach

Believing that a key to happiness lies in connecting with others, Karen has trained as a hospice and vigil volunteer with Visiting Nurse Service of NY and currently serves patients and their families in facilities located in Manhattan.  She also teaches Restorative Yoga and Meditation to caregivers and staff in the Wellness Center at Ronald McDonald House NY. As a Doulagiver and member of INELDA she continues to expand her reach and connection with patients and families as an End of Life Doula.  

Taken from the Greek word for female servant, and bookend to the work of the Birth Doula, today's End of Life Doula is anyone who provides compassionate support to patients and their families. This support can begin as early as the initial diagnosis and can extend through and beyond end of life.


Among the services I provide are: 

Navigating the fear, loneliness, and confusion that may arise as people face life threatening illnesses alone and with family. 

Compassionate presence and mindful listening.

Seeing past a diagnosis and into the life and heart of the individuals I serve. 

Bringing clarity and meaning to the process of dying. 

Creating relationship, companionship, and comfort.

The nuts and bolts of end of life planning. 

Normalizing, re-shaping, and transforming the conversations we have around death.

Re-processing with family after death.  


This is accomplished through a fluid set of methods that are adapted for each specific situation and designed to work in concert with everyone involved.  

                                                            Rates negotiated individually 

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"What is done in love is done well."  

                                   ~ Vincent van Gogh

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