If home is where the heart is then, biologically speaking, YOU are your own "home sweet home."  And here's the thing ... you ARE your own oasis.  Deep inside you is an ocean of peace and tranquility that you can come home to when you need a break from the waves of daily stress.  It's always there, waiting for you.  And just as a dip in the water cools us on a hot day, a dip into the well of stillness and silence that lies in our tender heart interrupts the patterns of daily stress, bathes our minds, and gently spreads ripples of clarity and calm into the heat of our hectic life experiences.

                                                          It would be my privilege to help you get back to your "home".


"We're all just walking each other home" ~ Ram Dass

 info@karenasconi-cominghometogether.com     New York, NY